09 Sep, 1971

Ray Tomlinson

Raymond (Ray) Samuel Tomlinson (born 1941 in Amsterdam, New York, died in Lincoln, Massachusetts, on 5 March 2016) is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (the oldest technological university in the USA) and a long-time employee of the company Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, which had won the contract to create..Read More

12 Oct, 1971

Murray Turoff

In 1971 Murray Turoff (born in San Francisco, on 13 February 1936), a B.A. in Mathematics and Physics from the University of California at Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Physics from Brandeis University, while working in the U.S. Office of Emergency Preparedness (a federally coordinated system that augments the Nation’s..Read More

02 Nov, 1971

Michael Hart

At the beginning of the 1970s came a time, which was dreamed of by the pioneers like Herbert Wells in his World Brain and Paul Outlet in his Universal Network for Information and Documentation. Time to establish something like a giant world library, which contains all human knowledge and is easily accessible all over the world. If..Read More

19 Sep, 1973

Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn

The most popular network protocol in the world, the TCP/IP protocol suite, was designed in the first half of the 1970s by two DARPA scientists—Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, persons most often called the fathers of the Internet. inton Gray “Vint” Cerf (born 23 June 1943 in New Haven, Connecticut)..Read More

11 Aug, 1988

Jarkko Oikarinen

It was already mentioned on this site, that the first chat program in the world (EMISARI) was designed in 1971 by Murray Turoff. EMISARI however was used mainly for government and educational purposes and never became popular. The program, which gave birth to the modern extremely popular chat movement was the Internet..Read More

14 Jun, 1989

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee used to say: “I just had to take the hypertext idea and connect it to the TCP and DNS ideas and—ta-da!—the World Wide Web.” As simple as it may seem, how this “simple” invention happened? n March 1989, a physicist and a computer nerd in CERN (European Particle..Read More

14 Jun, 1989

Alan Emtage

The Internet’s first search engine—the Archie system, was created in 1989 by a student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Alan Emtage. Emtage (born 27 November 1964, in Barbados) conceived the first version of Archie, which was actually a pre-Web internet search engine for locating material in public FTP archives. native..Read More

01 May, 1992

Metaverse of Neal Stephenson

The term Metaverse was coined in Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi novel, and refers to a convergence of physical, augmented, and virtual reality in a shared online space (Metaphysical Universe). eal Town Stephenson (born 31 October 1959) is an American writer known for his works of speculative fiction and..Read More

11 Nov, 1992

Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina

NCSA Mosaic of Marc Andreessen (born 9 July 1971) and Eric Bina (born 25 October 1964) was neither the first web browser (the first was the WorldWideWeb of Berners-Lee) nor the first graphical web browser (it was preceded by the lesser-known Erwise and ViolaWWW), but it was the web browser..Read More

08 Apr, 1993

Matthew Gray

The brilliant idea of the World Wide Web was devised in the spring of 1989 at the head of Tim Berners-Lee, a physicist at CERN, but it didn’t gain any widespread popular use until the remarkable NCSA Mosaic web browser was introduced at the beginning of 1993. n the spring..Read More

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